Baby Wall # 2!

Do you remember Breeanna & Nate's wedding a few months back? Well guess what, they're on the blog again today but this time they are welcoming a new baby!!! I am so excited for them. They already have one child, and that is little sassafras Sophia. I took the first few photos of her and she looked and me and said "I'm done" and walked away. Hahah!!! Sadly for her, we were just getting started. We ended up getting some absolutely adorable shots so I'm glad she put up with me for so long. Congratulations again Breeanna & Nate!!! I can't wait to meet baby wall #2 in a few months.


The Lamb Wedding Teaser - October 28th 2017 - Succop Nature Park

Whitney and Bill had such a beautiful wedding day!! We were a bit sad when the day started with rain but after hearing Whitney tell the story about their first date which also happened to take place when it raining we knew it was going to be a great day, and it was! We felt so welcomed the entire day and loved getting to know these two. Here's a little teaser while we edit the full highlight video. Congratulations to The Lambs!