2017 Recap

Here are just a handful of images that made our 2017 (our first year as a business!) so special. Thank you to everyone who trusted us with their most special memories!!


Getting Engaged Soon?

Engagement season is officially upon us! Are you ready to propose? Get professional photography coverage for one of the most important moments of your life. Give a great Christmas present to your fiance to be as well as some bling! Email us at the 'contact' tab to work out the details. The $150.00 session fee includes travel up to one hour. Book this special price now through January 1st!


The Lamb Wedding Teaser - October 28th 2017 - Succop Nature Park

Whitney and Bill had such a beautiful wedding day!! We were a bit sad when the day started with rain but after hearing Whitney tell the story about their first date which also happened to take place when it raining we knew it was going to be a great day, and it was! We felt so welcomed the entire day and loved getting to know these two. Here's a little teaser while we edit the full highlight video. Congratulations to The Lambs!

Frisco Beach Vacation

Just got back from vacation and I feel great! There's nothing better than eating too many donuts and getting too much sun in my opinion. Here are some photos of our trip! The stars were beautiful so we had to take full advantage. We stayed in Frisco, NC.


The Garber Wedding 6/17/17


First blog post with the new website. I've posted a preview already of The Garber wedding on my Facebook page but just can't help myself! I'm sending this wedding out tomorrow and can't wait until Hannah & Jonathan get it! I loved how special this wedding was for both of them. They've been there for each other through the toughest times and that if anything shows how true their love is for each other. They spent the day surrounded by their pups, their families, and a super fun bridal party! Congrats again you two!