Baby Wall # 2!

Do you remember Breeanna & Nate's wedding a few months back? Well guess what, they're on the blog again today but this time they are welcoming a new baby!!! I am so excited for them. They already have one child, and that is little sassafras Sophia. I took the first few photos of her and she looked and me and said "I'm done" and walked away. Hahah!!! Sadly for her, we were just getting started. We ended up getting some absolutely adorable shots so I'm glad she put up with me for so long. Congratulations again Breeanna & Nate!!! I can't wait to meet baby wall #2 in a few months.


The Cameron Wedding Sneak Peek ; June 16th 2018

So excited to share this sneak peek for Kayla & Justin! Their wedding was so much fun and we could not have asked for a better day. They were able pull off a super fun mix of classic, industrial, and just straight up party! Not many people can make that work, but they did!! Special thanks to Samantha Taylor Photography for second shooting for us that day!


The Holliday Wedding ; April 23rd 2018

I absolutely had to share some favorite images from The Holliday wedding! I have known Courtney since way back in 2012 (we lived across the hall from each other freshman year!!) and it so cool that she has found someone to spend her life with, and that I got to witness her and DJ tie the knot!!! I've been photographing Courtney for pretty much every assignment throughout college, and I feel like it was all leading up to this, lol!! Here are some of my favorites!